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"I'm holding my own, give or take a tear or two, yeh,
I'm holding my own, no matter what I put myself through."

Would be a sweet song if the subliminal message wasn't, "leave me alone bitch, don't want to get laid right now, all I want is a reeeeeally good wank". Ahem, anyway.

Still surprisingly happy. Morty pissed me off a bit earlier (he doesn't understand cutting, like, at all - you can do it in the day as well as night, pretty much all of mine were daytime ones, my only wrist-slit was at about 2pm - meh, that's that). If you happen to be sleeping softly and it's not something you do very often, you wouldn't be too happy if someone, especially someone rather on the large side, sat on your bed and moaned at you about something. No offence Morty, I know you're just trying to help, but I'd rather sleep when I'm able to.

Ouch, my mouth hurts. :\

Have I got any other stuff to say? Not really. I've got one light that works and two that don't. I've got a cuddly cow named Grazer in my lap, and it's quite a nice cow, it's a very good friend of mine. There's a tissue box on my desk which is pink and has tissues in it. My tits are falling out of this catsuit (admit it, that turns you on almost as much as my tissue box). I'm biting my nails and they taste of something strange - don't wanna know ....

I need a cup of tea - and a biscuit - and a fag - and some paracetamol. MY FUCKING MOUTH IS KILLING ME!!! Bloody epilepsy, bloody subconscious self-harm. Hey, I'm gonna write a song about that.

- b.k. x


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Sep. 8th, 2004 09:11 am (UTC)
Yeah. But at the moment, you're doing things at night. In the day you're fine, perhaps better because other people are awake and stuff, I dunno. What you have to remember is that I act entirely out of concern. Fact is, you scare me.
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