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am i forming a band with tim from ash?

Yet another stupid and unrelated bikki post title. :P No, I'm not forming a band with Tim from Ash. I might ask him at some point, but I think that right now I would like to concentrate on my side project, The Darkness, because it's so easy to get a monkey meat sandwich wrong, but horse meat ones are easier to make. Plus it's a bad idea to kill a monkey just because you want a sandwich, or Jab for that matter because I have a feeling he's made of monkey meat too. All manic depressives are.

I love talking complete bollocks (even if it is complete bollocks I partially nicked from Kerrang!), makes the entry longer. Read on for the slightly sensible reason why I want this to be long. Anyway, on to stuffs I understand.

Went to doctors today, apparently it's not mouth cancer (phew, glad my dreams don't come true, I had a nasty one today about Pooka committing suicide and trying to make me have a fit so that I wouldn't find out) but it is some weird mouth disease, so I have to put this cream in my mouth to sort it out. Glad I'm not vegetarian and that I like jelly cuz it's full of gelatin. But I do have a feeling that it's gonna taste crappy. I shall find out as soon as I've updated. Let's make this a long update, eh?

What else did I do today? Oh yeh, slept. I'm sleeping far too much lately, which is quite weird for someone in emotional distress. I blame Keppra, cuz I'm taking a lot of it (starting on 250mg seems like quite a bit considering I started my Lamictal on 25mg, but then, I'm no doctor, just an expert in the field of epilepsy medication). Too many meds would make anyone sleepy, especially if one of the meds is Tegretol, a mood stabiliser / epilepsy med well known for fucking up the lives of all those who dare to take it. Oh yeh, and making people sleepy.

I'm sleepy.

So, going on even more, I'm going to Shaun's tomorrow to stay the night. No reason, just because I have nothing better to do. We're gonna have a look through my songs and his, see what we're going to use for our album (which, in all honesty, might not exist, like, ever, but we can try). I've got to put my foot down a bit too - there are four members of this band, two lead singers, so he can't own it. So .... ha!

My mouth hurts. :(

Oh yeh, I'm quite happy cuz I won this beauty today. It might be too small for me or look crap on me, but I can try. It's dirt cheap for catsuits, they're fashionable now so they'd be well expensive. My black Morgan one cost me £12 but was worth £125! Brill. :) If this pink one works out, I'll wear it when I see The Darkness and be the best dressed one there (apart from possibly the band, unless they have an off-day). Ownage.

Erm .... can't think of much else to say ....

.... ah fuck it, I'll put the crap in my mouth. Wish me luck.

- b.k. x

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