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still can't be arsed with a proper update, here's a condensed version

1. Went to Shaun's. Had an argument as I thought, but Sam sorted it cuz he's Sam.

2. The best things were drinking, listening to The Darkness and talking bollocks.

3. The worst thing was losing my derangement ring. I left it in the pub. :(

4. I got my pink catsuit today and I love it - positive feedback all round! :)

5. Am now a member of four online Darkness clubs, like I've got nothing better to do.

6. The sad truth is, I do have nothing better to do.

7. Please say if you have any ideas for anniversary presents - Hana needs some help.

8. Social Services have finally called! YES! :D

9. I had a fit last night and hurt my non-existent eyebrow.

10. Wrote a new song, "Love On The Pages" (inspired by Unbalanced Grass and Busted).

- b.k. x


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