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oh, great.

My d/s/g image has buggered up. Shoulda made my own. Hmph.

Anyway, I haven't updated for however long it's been so I thought I might as well. I haven't done much today. It was like this - Sleep. Fag. Tea. Fag. Tea. Fag. Darkness board. Fag. Darkness board. Fag. Kerrang! TV. Fag. Tea. Fag. Sleep. Fag .... you get the idea. Something like that.

I have a really, really, really, really, really boring life. I need something to do, dammit! I was meant to be going to Enfield tomorrow, but it's not a good time to go bogging off around the country when my epilepsy's unstable. Plus Bebe's here to look after me (can't be left on my own in this state - who would make tea for me?) and I don't really want to leave her on her own. What if she has a blackout and I'm not in and there's no-one around to take care of her and then I have a fit as well and ....

.... I really need to stop worrying about random stuffs. Ugh, my face is all wet. I hate having a cold, I got all this stuffs coming out of my nose. And I do love the Growing On Me video, but the after-effects it has on me .... well. Not too keen. But I found the DVD of it, which I'm quite happy about - it was in the same place as my lost Busted and Breed 77 CDs, plus some blank CD-Rs. Should look under my desk more.

In conclusion, I have nothing interesting to report. Meh.

- b.k. x


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