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stu, babies and cake

Stu was round here today. I'm not sure if he and Jenn are back together. I hope they are, cuz Stu is a good bloke and he was good for Jenn. I'm pretty sure they'll get back together someday (she's still got the eternity ring), but maybe - well, I don't know. Good luck to them. I think he needs it more than she does. Bless em.

Oh yeh, had my fake babies now. Sophie Kinsella Hawkins (7 hours, Dan's) and Katheryn Nicolette Hawkins (8 hours, Justin's). Sophie, like Dan, has a bumpy nose and won't say anything, and Kathy, like Justin, has a good set of flames and won't shut up. Yes, I know it's silly that a baby can be born with a tattoo, but it is silly enough that they were born in a Chinese hospital, even sillier that all of The Darkness were at the births and silliest of all that we got to the hospital in a spaceship. Lol, the Dan-hunt is the best soap ever! This should be on TV. :)

OK, enough jabber that no-one cares about and back to sneezing my head off, talking to Tobi, talking in #Knightmare and eating a lot of cake (to celebrate my babies' birthday, or maybe Tobi's) I go! Night peeps!

- b.k. x

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