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not-so-happy stuffs.

An hour later, and I've found reasons NOT to be happy.

1. Yes, and it's going to be as boring as most of my other birthdays.

2. Will I really get to all the Darkness gigs I want to go to?

3. It makes me feel pathetic that I'm so afraid to talk to him.

4. I love coughing my guts up every time I take a drag.

5. What's so great about my knickers falling down?

6. That's not going to be happening for a few years yet.

7. I'm not drunk and I doubt that I'll get drunk.

8. I have to wait a whole fucking week, probably more than that.

9. It won't be long before I decide to put it back on again.

10. Why should a bunch of toy cows make me happy!?

- b.k. x

PS. It took me ages to type my music cuz I kept missing the keys like the retard I am.

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