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silly thing

From spongeo

Type your username with your ....
nose : hiii8
elbow : hbi9kki
tongue : bikki
chin : b vkjmm,kmk,jiu
feet : hbg989koiiok90
eyes closed with one finger : b9kk9
back of your hand : bgikki
palm : bvikko
wrist : h lkoil,lkoji

As if that wasn't bad enough, let's try my TDR name ....
nose : oo9js4p;p;q
elbow : okii9njsellaw
tongue : kinse;;a
chin : kikndxrd...zx
feet : okolinjswee4rpollp;o
eyes closed with one finger : kinsekla
back of your hand : kinsella
palm : kinsellsa
wrist : kinwesella

How about my full real name ....
nose : 43h3fcfcdqbnqjj4nuqu4e3ws
elbow : r5e4hbe4vvsa nswmjmjr4 jhwsuhdr4ee
tongue : rebwcc AMME YAUESA
chin : rewbn ecvcvas amn mn er hauyesa
feet : tr5e4bh4rereffccfcf m,ajnjne4n byaaq7y7e43e4we
eyes closed with one finger : rewbwca anne jatwa
back of your hand : rececca anne haydxz
palm : rebecca anne hauy esdx
wrist : trebecca anne haureds

And finally, my e-mail address (attempted ' instead of @) ....
nose : 6u3ew5oj34wwoo9jw4;;q]7qupp/;fd0/;jas
elbow : t6hyerdearoikjjesdskijnsel;lp;s'yuasjhpopo./vop.mnxzx
tongue : tjedRKNESASKINSE;;A~Yjoo.cp.n\
chin : tjnedfc\fg dsxsxd,kij nzxd..zhzn;l;lcl;.n z
feet : ttyyy4er3eedrwr5kioeswsekioiu8ujere4olplowa'#]y7wuy9oo0;.fdco0p.;njzsasa
eyes closed with one finger : thwdEKBWSSKIBSEOOA;Yhoo.co.nz
back of your hand : thedarknesdsdkinsella'ywahoo.co.,nz
palm : thedarknesskinseloolws'uyahool.cvo.jnz
wrist : rthgedarknesskminsella'yusahooi.,,cxxo,.n bxz

Ennit great - I can type "bikki" with my tongue, "kinsella" with the back of my hand (in both my TDR name and my e-mail!), "rebecca anne" with my palm and wrist (and "anne" on its own with the back of my hand and my eyes closed), ".co.nz" with my eyes closed, "thedarkness" with my palm .... aren't I clever? And bored? :P

- b.k. x

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