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I'm on my fifth cup of tea and I just had my sixth fag of the day, and I woke up at 9:30 am. Does anyone think I'm an addict? :P Anyway, that's not what this entry's about. It's about my BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Well, kind of a birthday party, kind of a going-away party, cuz I'm assuming it'll be soon before I move into Radstock. In fact, it'd be superbrillconvenient if I was already there by then, but that's unlikely.

So anyway, I'm planning something nice and Bristolian. I've found a place cheap as fuck - no, cheaper than fuck - to stay in Bristol. Gonna try and book myself out a function room and get as many people down as I possibly can. Make it near the Crowded House gig, so that'd be superbrillconvenient as well, the weekend after it would be best cuz that'd be easier for people who have uni or college or whatever. But then, that might be half term, so it'd be difficult for Farleigh people who don't live in Brizzy already (ie. people who aren't Rikki, and I need more than that) - might have to put it back to November or December and make CH something completely different where I stay at Shaun's (though it'd be nice to avoid that). I'll work something out, meh.

This probably won't happen, but I can try and I can try my arse off. Even if I have to move it back into Birmingham and have people camp outside my house, even if I don't get the function room and have to have it at my place, I will do something. And hopefully something as Bristolian as possible. If I like you and I want you there, your invitation will be in the post or e-mail soon!

- b.k. x

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