January 30th, 2003

The Party Scene

fish are weird ....

1. Why do people give fish live food?
2. What's the difference between prawns and king prawns?
3. What's the difference between scampi and goldfish?
4. What's the difference between Chris and a goldfish?
5. What am I on about?


Answer to 4. A goldfish can't do this (don't think so anyway) ....
Hattie (on phone) : "Hi mum. Yes, I'm fine, except Chris Pardoe is drawing on me. Yes, he's got this blue board marker and he's drawing spots all over my feet and hands and face ...."
She didn't even scream for the staff or anything, just sat there talking calmly as if she was enjoying it - lol. :P

Meh. Apart from that, he is a goldfish. Or an anorexic tapeworm.

And I don't know the other answers.

What else?

Pissed off with Tobin right now, he keeps tickling me for stealing "his" sofa.

And there was that time that I got my trousers caught on the door of the minibus - my leg hurt like hell afterwards, but I must have looked hilarious suspended in mid-air like that.

Gotta go, pretending I'm looking at courses. Bye.

b.k. x
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