February 2nd, 2003

The Party Scene

I just sneezed all over my laptop screen ....

.... OK, that wasn't good.

Saw Pooksta this weekend. It was fun. We had a fucking great time. mwahahalol. ;)

It's also St. Brigid's Day/Candlemas/Imbolc/Oimelc/whatever today. Once one of my best Wiccan holidays, I haven't made a "Bride's Bed" (got a bed out for St. Brigid to sleep in - weird, but it's something I usually do), lit candles or even prayed. I'd put my pentacle round my neck if I hadn't broken my chain, so I've attached it to my cool new purple bracelet instead. I'm also wearing my v. cool (or at least I think it is, betcha I look like a right plonksta) St. Brigid's Day uniform of a white polo neck with a red top over it and my home-made green skirt. To show how devoted I am to Brighid, I shall wear this on the train.


On a completely unrelated matter, I'm going back to my childhood. Today I bought the v. cool kids' computer game Catz 5. We all thought that, when Petz had been swallowed by Mattel, there'd never be another game, but we were wrong. It's been taken over again by Ubisoft and they are v. interested in creating new Dogz & Catz. There might even be a Babyz 2 - yay. :)

I'm sad, aren't I?

Till next time,

b.k. x
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