February 6th, 2003

The Party Scene

FARLEIGH AFFAIRS - conspiracies .... ?

Emma and Lee!?

Kelly and Terry!?

Alex and Joel!?

Chris and, erm .... ana!?


MADA IS TEH GAY??????????!!!!!!!!!!!//////////

What am I on!?

I'm due in class with Janis the shitey support worker. And Dom the shitey lecturer.

Meh. Bye.

b.k. x
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The Party Scene

randomosity in the form of Whibleys and Newlands

I have lots of stuff to say. Question is - can I remember it?

Sum 41 this weekend, yay! Tim, Emma, Lee, Tom G, Alex, Terry, Zoe and I are off to London on Saturday to see Sum 41, and we shall meet the Pooksta and the Mortsta there. Deryck, way. ;)

But then, knowing my luck, something'll go wrong at the last minute and we won't be able to go.

Oh yeh, speaking of Deryck (this time of the Newland variety), I got humiliated in front of my class today ....

David (boy in my class) : Becki, you fancy Deryck, don't you?
Becki : No .... *blush*
David : Look at you! You do, don't you? BECKI FANCIES DERYCK!!!
Stuart (other boy) : Like em older then?
Duane (other boy who looks like a girl) : Aren't you engaged?
Becki : Yes, I am.
David : So why do you love Deryck then?
Becki : I don't!
Stuart : It's Dom then, isn't it?
Becki : *calm, no blush* No.
David : It's not only you, I fancy Deryck as well.

Oh dear. I'll be ridiculed for, like, ages now.

And for the record, I love Pooka. I just think that Deryck is good. That's it. All Derycks are good.

In the words of, erm, me - meh.

b.k. x

PS. Chris is now the non-intelligent anorexic goldfish ballerina tapeworm fairy. :P
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