May 6th, 2003

The Party Scene

damn hell

Had a rather depressing weekend with Pooka. I mighta wrecked a few relationships. We only fucked twice - that says it all.

I had the weirdest dream last night. I was listening to music with Tim, and suddenly Ben asked me to marry him and I shouted at him, "NO I'M NOT FUCKING MARRYING YOU, I LOVE POOKA, NOT YOU!", and then he walked away (not surprised). The scary bit is that I started to have sex with another Farleigh student. I woke up at 5:30am this morning, probably because my mind was trying to stop the dream (nice one mind). I can't even look at the student this morning - well, I could, but I'd feel really weird.

But if you have a sexual dream about someone, does it mean you have any feelings for them in life? No.
Does it mean you will ever consider actually having sex with them? No.
Does it mean you'll give up your current boyfriend for them? Definitely NOT!

I hate food.

Oh, mama 'mia.


m.a. x

PS. Kirstie B. Moore, if you're there, YES I will give you an LJ code and NO I won't be your pro-ana buddy. Pro-ana sucks - if you are one o' them, get yourself out as quickly as you possibly can.
PPS. Ben, don't fart at me you funny-looking mongface.
PPPS. Tim, don't wank in front of me.
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The Party Scene

all petered out!

OK, that was the worst pun, like, ever. Been chasing Tobin round the garden cuz he was pissing me off. I think the staff were a bit suspicious when the two of us walked into the house, tired out and heavily breathing. At least he didn't mess up my hair. :P

Crap-ish day at college. At least I haven't eaten today (well, I had a bit - or rather, a lot - of cake, but that doesn't count because .... meh). Really, REALLY missing my Pooka now. Where is my love? Where is my love? :(

m.a. x
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