May 9th, 2003

The Party Scene

damn hell

Why in the name of arse have they banned TF at college? There is nothing wrong with a friendly support forum for people who can't talk about this sort of thing anywhere else. As the TF cow says, the college should "thinK" more often.

In good news, Charlett has left my old course. I don't know whether she was kicked or left at will, but now she's gone to work at CenterParcs or something crap. She wasn't a performer in any way, shape or form. For fuck's sake, she thinks "café" is pronounced "caff". Good riddance to the bitch.

I'm also seeing Pooka today. :) I hope we have a good weekend being as I won't be seeing him for two weeks (Butlin's, way!), so I'll try v. v. hard to avoid all possible depression and whatever else happens. I am so much in love. 8 months together yesterday - that's something big as far as my relationships go.

And finally, I have now confirmed that I'm going to Butlin's with Farleigh. I can't wait! :D Apparently, you get a lot more freedom than you do at college, you can do whatever the hell you like (well, almost), it's gonna be brill.

Bored now, must have lunch.

m.a. x

PS. Random quiz result ....

wtf... you know nothing!
I bitch and complain about shit and people comment
to disagree.

Why do people read your Livejournal?
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Asshats. Hehe.
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