June 10th, 2003

The Party Scene


Got my Laid tape today (way for fast delivery). I need to stop buying stuff online - this is becoming an obsession .... but then, it's Free Listing Day on eBay on Friday. I'll stop after that. I promise.

Thing is, everything I buy is so cheap - surely it's having no effect whatsoever on my bank account, right?

Anyway, it's Joe's birthday today. If you're reading, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE! I hope you have a good day. Even though I can roll fags better than you. :P

Yes, Sam was teaching me to roll cigarettes last night. I'm a natural apparently. I'm much better than he was when he first started doing it. Way.

This is, however, no indication that I will start smoking. It is kinda inviting with all the passive smoking going on, all the nicotine floating around .... mmm. And I can roll a good fag, and it does make you thinner (shut up, Ana, I've had it), but it's not worth it.

In other news, I can keep going for a whole hour. Hehe. ;)

m.a. x
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The Party Scene

why is Deryck following me around!?

He just keeps popping up (GETCHA MIND OUTTA DA GUTTA!!) wherever I go. Leave me alone for God damn sake!

Been showing Alex some of the TF girls' pictures (don't worry about him reading the entries, he's not interested). If any TF girls (or other girls) with pictures want to talk to Alex, feel free to look him up. I doubt he'll get many replies. :P

m.a. x

PS. According to this, I'm BMI 20.7, Chris is BMI 18 and Tim is BMI 15.7. This means that I'm fat, I'm jealous of Chris and I'm worried about Tim. :\ Either that or this calculator is shit.
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