June 17th, 2003

The Party Scene

my holidays! (well, odd bits)

Forming plans already - on July 5th, it's the third British TF meet (and the first one I'm not going to miss by mistake), I can't wait! I'll be meeting up with litt1e_n0thing in Birmingham and then going on to London to meet the rest. I can then see Pooka afterwards, yay. :)

Later on, in the second week of the summer holiday (when Pooka will be at Woodcraft camp and I'll be all lonely), I might go to see Shaun in Weston for the day, possibly with some other Farleigh student such as Lee as well. Could be fun.

I'm also plotting meetings with Tim and possibly Alex - dunno what's happening there. Meh.

Now all I need is to sort out the rest ....

m.a. x
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