June 21st, 2003

The Party Scene

to be brutally honest ....

.... no relationship is perfect. That may be the way one appears to the public, but there are always a few problems that no-one sees, not even the other half of the relationship. It might just be the differences between men and women, or a bit of a personality clash.

Here's a poem I wrote about it.

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I don't mean to upset anyone, but if a flood hits Britain, I probably have.

I love you, Pooka.

m.a. x
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The Party Scene

damn good speech

Fiona Apple on MTV's Unplugged ....

"Man, man, I didn't prepare a speech and I'm sorry but I'm glad that I didn't. Because I'm not gonna do this like everybody else does it. Cuz everybody that I should be thanking, I'm really sorry but I have to use this time. See, Maya Angelou said that we as human beings at our best can only create opportunities, and I'm gonna use this opportunity the way that I wanna use it. So what I wanna say is, everybody out there that's watching, everybody that's watching this world, this world is bullshit and you shouldn't model your life, wait a second, you shouldn't model your life about what you think that we think is cool. Even though I have an eating disorder and I have somehow sold out to the patriarchy in this culture that says that lean is better. Even though I have done that and have done a video wherein I wear underwear so that you young girls out there can covet, and feel bad about what you have, and how thin you're not. The point is I have done it, I am lean. That is why I did succeed sooner than other musicians who were maybe better songwriters, I don't know, better lyricists, better vocals, I can't say that but I do know this. This world is bullshit, did I say that this world is bullshit cuz it is. And my boyfriend can make you disappear, he can pull something out of your ear and say things like, 'We have not met before, have we?'. Go with yourself."

Brilliant. I didn't even know that she had an eating disorder or anything, I didn't even know she swears, just that she makes fantastic music (and, apparently, fantastic speeches). Before I perform "Paper Bag" at the summer party this year, I might say a Beckified version of that speech, which is on KaZaA as "fiona apple - bitches".

Speaking of the summer party, it's on the 2nd July at the place where we had the Christmas one. I'm being allowed to sing again, yay! I'll plan a longer set this time. I know I will sing "Paper Bag" by Fiona Apple and "We're Going To Miss You" by James (duet with Shaun and hope he gets the words right, maybe?), apart from that I'm open to suggestion.

Here's the usual random afterthought - a suitcase just fell on my foot. Ouch.

m.a. x
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