June 22nd, 2003

The Party Scene

Hattie Potamus and the Order of the Penis

I know who dies in Harry Potter 5 now, and I haven't even got the damn book yet (I will do tomorrow). Why did I have to click on the link saying "Spoilers"? I'm dim, that's why. I'm not going to say anything. Oh, alright. He's one of the good guys who wasn't there at the very beginning. That's all I'm saying.

Besides, I was looking forward more to finding out who's shagging who than who dies.

Ah well, I know nothing else about it, except that it probably contains Harry Potter. If it didn't, it would have an ILTM name and that would be cool, but a bit of a disappointment as most people have probably bought it to read about Harry Potter.

My laptop screen is now the proud owner of a dead fly.

m.a. x
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