July 6th, 2003

A singing Kao

a song (kinda crappy, but sweet) ....

Missing You
I'm home, I'm at home again
To my old room I go
Alone, all alone again
Nobody wants to know
What's going on inside my head
In waking moments and in bed
I'm thinking of three open roads ahead

My boys, my boys are now men
Though what good times we had
I'm crying, crying for my men
Just thoughts will make me sad
One lives so close that he could stay
The second's many miles away
The third, I knew he loved me from that day

Missing you
Missing you

Can't sleep, all these sleepless nights
I can't get any help
Those calls make me weep at nights
I sacrifice myself
To the demons of all breaking bands
I am a slave unto their hands
Wishing for someone here who understands

Missing you

Nobody can see me cry
Nobody's watching me die
Ben gave me just a noble tear
For Pete into depression I disappear
And Tim, his leaving was my greatest fear

Missing you
Missing you
Missing you

m.a. x
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