November 17th, 2003

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the trouble with Farleigh

Consider the following scenarios.

"Mrs. Pardoe, your son's been cutting himself, burning himself and burning a plant. The bill for a new plant is in the post."

"No, no, Mrs. Spilsbury, Kirsty's fine, she seems heavily depressed but that doesn't matter to us."

"James says he's OK, Mrs. Mackay. He just shrugs most of the time, that can't be bad, even though you've told us so many times that it is."

"Mrs. Hayes, Becke's fine. She hasn't eaten at all today, but it's not like she had anorexia nervosa last year and has a possibility of relapse."

These are slightly exaggerated bits of stuff. I didn't go back to Farleigh yesterday mostly because of illness / depression, and I'm sorry but I'm glad that I didn't. I do not want to go back and live through all the shit they put us through for any longer than I have to. I'll be back by Thursday for my interview / council meeting, of course, but I don't see the point of being in for the other days when I'm just going to sit around doing not much while people like Charlie, Scott, Rikki, Ben and Shaun get fuckloads of attention for their non-problems and people like Chris, Kirsty, James and myself, who have real problems, blend into the background as if we don't exist. I'd just like to say that we damn well DO!

A lot of the staff are getting a bit crap now too. Steph was a good senior learning support worker, but doesn't make a good Head of Education. Jenny was a good LSW, but can't do senior or meds. And Terry .... don't get me started. Jan makes for a good SLSW as well as a good LSW, but she doesn't have time for us little people now she's helping Steph out with what she can't do. Emma likewise, except now, after Tania's departure, she's head senior and has no time for us. The only staff member I know who is really good at what she does is Kelly, and she won't even be here that much longer - after Easter, she's going on maternity leave. It's really good of her that she wants to leave when she's eight months gone and come back with a four-month-old baby at home, just so she can support me (aww!), but her not being there .... well, it'll be different. Being as she's my keyworker, none of the other staff know me as well as she knows me, and it'll be like none of them know me any more.

That's about it. I feel ill. :(

- k.s. x

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