November 28th, 2003

The Party Scene

dude, your cat's gay

I feel like I've just wandered into a Kathy Lette novel. I play the heroine of the story, usually a smart but naïve young woman who likes to make jokes about vibrators, periods and breast implants. She also tends to fuck about accusing her bloke (there's always at least one, and he's always sexay) of everything, oblivious to the fact that she's a complete bitch. But as we read the story, we feel sympathy for her, simply because she's the heroine and she makes us laugh.

That was a completely pointless outburst, as was this part of the ever-wonderful Student Council meetings.

Becke : "I don't have many real friends at Farleigh. In fact, I think my four breast .... breasts!?"
Robin *pointing at my chest - not touching, thank God* : "One here, one here, one here, one here!"
Kelly : "I've heard of bosom buddies, but ...."
Shaun : "HA HA! Sorry, but that was really funny."
Becke : .... my four BEST friends are right here in this room.
Robin : "Aww!"
*Robin gives me a hug, then Pete joins in*
Shaun : "Can I join in?"
Robin : "No. You're gay."

- k.s. x

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