February 18th, 2004

The Party Scene

bbeer i like it

im updatinbgf my jourbal again. i want o t slee p and i need to sleep abut i sleep with the light on and i dont think my lava lanps. busted sleeps with the light on too i wonder if they have lava mlanps? i bet they fo. they were on the brits and they were very very goods. they have big eyebrows.

i told shaun busted were good but he didnt believe me. i like busted i think they are go good at music. even though their eyebrows are too big/

i like beer and i like malefact as welol but i think robin is gay

robin is gay cuxz we has threesoms with pete wiggins and mike wanker (hes a wanker) every night. mike has lorts of porn on his laptop and i watched a girl giving this guy a blowjob. the guy was ugly but his nob was big. and he cum a lot.

i swore yto roy idf never get drinknig again. i wacan hear shaun blowing his mum, i mean his nose.

I NEED A FAG i havent smoked in 4 days and its been hell. went i go to asda i need a fag but i just had a cup of tea when i got back. but now i have malefact and hes; not a fag and he doesnt like smoknig not like robin

he somkes all the time and he smells like a fag.

im talking to roy on msn and im saying lol a lot like afam battersby.

green day rock. i think so. buyt the darkness rock even more.

im just yping what ifeel like typing. lik,e jenny my sister say, 'i felyt like typing'. she felt like typing a lot in barcvelong and she used my computer a loy. i phoned robin a lot. he probablyt ;hated mre AND FDIDNT WANT TPO TALK TO ME!!!!!!!

ROBIN SUCK MY BALLS i might hate you. but idnot know cuz youree my friend!


ilike beer a lot.

i ddint think ind ever frink again but i drid! isnt it funny when you type fuvks insteaf of ducks? its liek saying you fuck ducks.

my sister fucks ducks. i think she sohuld.nt buyt she does. how she s doing out witjh stu and hes got big trouser s like hatteis . he might hae a big penis ot manybe bjust a LARGE ARSE

lol i typed weyomuth and it look like WEE MOUTNTSAIN! a moutain of pisds can you think of that cuz i can? i cant actually, but what the fuck. im talking to someone lsel called shaun now its a different shaun. shaun the sheep. heasked wehere i went and i said i went to the pub in eushall, which i did. i missed nip rtuck tonight cuz i was at the pub. i got mu dad to record it.

lol this is a fun time.

k.s .x
The Party Scene

bloody hell

I wrote a right load of crap there. Too much beer. :\ I was going to delete the entries, but I decided that they're just too funny to get rid of. I'll try and make sense of my words tomorrow, even though it'll be difficult. I didn't know that I liked beer quite that much, and I didn't know that I liked Busted at all! And as for my feelings about Robin (which I doubt are anything like true), I really should not have said what I said. Thank God he doesn't read this. Thank God even more that The Darkness don't read this! :P

Anyway, I'm not completely right yet (lying awake for ages has done something for me but it hasn't done everything - I'm still missing a few keys as I type!), I do feel very sick and I just can't sleep. I need paracetamol, water, cheese and biscuits. A little syrup of Ipecac and a few strong cigarettes wouldn't go amiss either, but we don't have any of that stuff. Probably a good thing that we don't, really.

- k.s. x

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The Party Scene


Shaun's gone. I was too ill to go to Birmingham. Mum got me new trousers from Asda.

This entry remind you of any hattiehills?

- k.s. x

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The Party Scene


I feel bored, annoyed, headachey.

I want to sleep, but I can't.


- k.s. x

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