February 28th, 2004

A singing Kao

three class days!


Fun things to do in the snow.
* Walk to Fourwinds and back with Colleen singing "I Believe In A Thing Called Snow" in a drunken manner.
* Bury a half-naked Chris in the snow until his fingers turn blue (will put pictures up ASAP).
* Throw snow at Pete when he falls over (which is many times).
* Roll around in the snow wearing only a freezing cold catsuit.

Apart from all the snowiness, Nick asked Jab out for me. He said "yes .... no .... probably not", which translates to "I like her but I'm not going to say it in front of Chris". Way, someone I like also likes me. :D


I went for a work placement interview at Critchill Special School, and I got the job! Yes! As soon as I get my CRB check and Simon (Critchill deputy head) talks to Andy, I will officially be a Classroom Assistant. :)

To celebrate, I went to a karaoke evening with Lindsey and Chris. Now, even though Chris didn't sing, Lindsey has the most terrible voice ever and I was almost as bad, it was good fun getting up there. I did "Cabaret", "Baby One More Time", "Wannabe" and "Dancing Queen". I made an arse of myself, but meh!


2 Busted CDs = £20.
2 Living Dolls = £30.
Lots and lots of stuff from Primark = £40.
1 pair of Buffalo shoes = £50.
Having fúckloads of money and spending it = priceless.
There are some things money can't buy - for everything else, there's Bristol!

That's all I can think of right now. But it's been good. :D

- k.s. x

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