May 19th, 2004

The Party Scene



Anyway, life has been up and down and up and down and .... you get the idea. I have had the craziest mood swings (due to Jabs of many kinds - one makes me really happy and the other just makes me .... well, three months' worth of PMT in my arse, work it out). I've had to cope with falling out with Shaun, being too broke to buy fágs (fúcking déath) and, apparently, Tim cheating on me. Not sure if he is or not, he's assured me that he isn't, and I trust him - but I don't trust Lucy. She's his ex and I háte her. THAT FÚCKING BÍTCH.

The only one who's really kept me from going completely insane is Rikki. Don't know what I'd do without him - kíll someone, probably. He's the only one I can really talk to. Well, I can talk to my two 'besties' Shaun and Chris, but one talks back too much and the other doesn't talk back at all.

Talked (or, rather, cried) to Pooka too. He's cool. Finally apologised for all the shít I pulled - far too late, to be honest, but at least I said it. I now know what it feels like and I realise how bad a gírlfriend I was.

This is garbled. The staff told me I have Jabitis - shows, doesn't it?


- k.s. x

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