May 23rd, 2004

The Party Scene

nostalgia ....

All of a sudden, completely out of nowhere, it's hit me that .... well, soon there will be no more Farleigh for me.

The best two years of my life - all gone. No more. Forever.

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So, the plan is, I must make the most of my time here. If I don't, this time will be gone and I will have wasted it.

I don't know how exactly I will do this, but I must find a way. Some way.

I'll shut up now.

- k.s. x

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    Busted- Fall At Your Feet [this song reminds me of Jab, sob]
The Party Scene


Rikz not well. Rikz not coming back for while.

WANTED! Substitute Rikki. Must have either generous fatsuit or generous fat, ability to talk complete bollocks is essential. Also must make computers work (yes, even these crappy Farleigh ones) and steal many, many fags from me. Oh yeh, must look nice too. Well, nice-ish, can't be too nice. And act nice.

*plays with her flab* Wow. I got a lot of this. I could be substitute Rikki.

But then who would be substitute Bikki? Damn, we can't not have a me!

- k.s. x

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    lonely lonely wivout teh jab