May 27th, 2004

The Party Scene

woohoo! :)

Back home. :D

Meh. Bored.

I wish I was back at Farleigh.

No I don't.

Mmm. Biscuits very very good.

- k.s. x

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The Party Scene

attention - everyone with at least half a mind

Never, EVER mess around with Dance eJay 3 or Windows Movie Maker 2.

Because if you do, you will become addicted, and that half mind will be gone, plus the other half if you have it.

Grr. Wanna beat Rikki up for getting me this stuff. The fat bastard.

Ah well - he's never having his programs back. Haha. :P

Must go for fag. Ah, lovely smoking - reason to get off the computer. ;)

- k.s. x

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    More of Rikki's music (this is addictive too, grr)
The Party Scene

whee, mini-drama

Can't be arsed to play with jabby stuffs now.

Smoking, LJing and, of course, drinking tea are way more addictive than jabby stuffs.

And Crowded House are way more addictive than mullets and worms.

My half mind returns! :)

- k.s. x

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    Crowded House - Fall At Your Feet
The Party Scene

JABAWARE : the depo provera virus scanner

JABAWARE has found 18 side effects.
7 common side effects
4 uncommon side effects
7 rare side effects

Made this up by reading the Depo Provera possible side effect list (which, I might add, the nurse gave me AFTER I actually had the thing - might have changed my mind if I'd seen it before - bloody Fromies). And that's only the side effects that are listed - it doesn't mention the mood swings, which I've been told are also part of it. I wonder how much else is going unmentioned .... scary. :\

And all I wanted was a little convenience and amenorrhoea. Why do I do stuffs wrong?

- k.s. x

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