June 13th, 2004

The Party Scene


I'm still alive! :D

The new student computer system at Farleigh has blocked LJ. I'm in the staff room.

New stuffs.

1. I dumped Tim. That good.

2. I got my lip pierced. That also good.

3. I was meant to go to Weymouth today but I didn't. That sound bad, but it good.

4. We've spent the day drinking tea, jabbering, barbecuing and doing Scott and Charlie's hair. That lots of fun.

5. I have no life. That .... I dunno.

6. Happy birthday Rikki! And Hana, for tomorrow. :) That good for them.

- k.s. x

PS. Scott's just read this and said I should mention his new hairstyle. It's plaits. It's prettiful.
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