August 30th, 2004

The Party Scene


Just come back from Carling Weekend Leeds. Was very, very good.

I'll rate all the bands I saw now - ratings go from [B] (the worst) to [BIKKI] (the best).

Dogs Die In Hot Cars [BIK]
The Streets [BIKKI]
Placebo [BI]
auf der Maur [BIKK]
Green Day [BIKK]

Reel Big Fish [BIKKI]
Modest Mouse [BIKKI]
The Donnas [BIKK]
Peaches [B]
Ash [BIK]
The Offspring [BIK]
The Darkness [?????]

Did nothing apart from set things on fire, because ....
1. I was too scared of strobes after my seizure at the start of The Darkness (worst possible time, grr!).
2. The bands on Sunday were all crap anyway, though Morty may disagree.

Meh. That's all I can be arsed to write.

I guess I need you baby .... :(

- b.k. x

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