September 4th, 2004

The Party Scene


Now that will be a party I'll never, ever forget.

I really didn't expect it to go the way it did.

I'm not sure whether to feel happy, guilty or just plain weird.

Anyway, had to come back early. It was hard to face Dan in the morning. :\

Just .... wow! Whoa. WTF!?

- b.k. x

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KoRn give head

apart from that ....

.... I did really like Jenn's friends.

Jenn : Obviously, she's my sister, but she's cool. How many sisters would let their weird big sisters go to their friends' birthday parties? Not many! I'm as grateful to Jenn as I am to Cat.

Cat : I've known Cat for many years, and I've always got on with her. She's a bit of a drama queen sometimes, and she was this time - but for good reason, as her bastard "boyfriend" Dave may or may not have dumped her. But it was her party and I had a good time, so I can only be grateful.

Danii : I've known Danii for a fair long time. She's mad and huggy, as usual.

Stu : Aww, bless. He's a lovely guy, very funny too. He and Jenn had a bit of a fallout, but I'm glad they sorted it out quickly because I like him coming over to my house.

Ben : Pooka lookalike, and kinda actalike too, without the depression. He was the only one who didn't smoke (he's allergic, I'm surprised he put up with it!) or attempt to get pissed. Definitely the sensible one of the group.

Aaron : Danii's boyfriend, or ex, I'm not sure. Apparently they broke up, but they didn't act like it! He's the cool and calm one. He's also Dave's brother, which means I'm pretty shocked that Cat wasn't grilling him about Dave.

Al : Crazy boy! He looks about 12 and acts like a girl. He's fun though.

Michael : Cat's little brother. He hung around and got beaten up. Makes good tea though.

Dan : Four years younger than me (I feel like a cradle snatcher). Very, very drunk (I feel like I took advantage of him, but he seemed willing enough). The place Morty slept in the tent in Leeds is now known as the "crime scene" (Stu says it has to be disinfected). I love Pooka (I feel like a cheat). Was it worth it? Fuck knows.

I have a feeling I've said too much. *blushes*

- b.k. x

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The Party Scene


I'm bored. My ass hurts. The skin in my mouth is torn - makes it very hard to eat.

Anyway, hope Pooka, Edward and everyone else did well at White Noise.

In one way, I wish I'd been there. In another, I'm glad I went to Cat's instead. :P

- b.k. x

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