September 14th, 2004

The Party Scene

now am i deranged?

* Stalking Pooka (for no reason but pure love, but still).
* Weirdo things like cutting my hair off, overdosing, etc.
* Justin .... The Darkness .... big, big secrets.
* History of anorexia and bulimia with pica still current.
* Addiction to caffeine and tannin in tea.
* Having deranged friends like Meghan who are as bad as me.
* History of hitting and scratching people for getting close.
* Addiction to shopping and spending money I don't have.
* Smoking is a sign of being crazy according to Pooka.
* The stuffs I have anyway - epilepsy and a form of autism.

Fuck, I'm weirder than I thought!

- b.k. x

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The Party Scene


I'm off now, because ....

1. Computer being painstakingly slow.

2. The above does not agree with forum, and that's all I'm doing.

3. I subscribed to way too many topics and I'm quite sick of the e-mails.

4. I wanna read more of Shopaholic Ties The Knot (although I've read it many a time).

5. I wanna sleep.

Shame I have to get off - I wanted to read the whole "Dan Hunt" thread.

But then, I'm not that interested in Dan, he's not as fit as Justin - or MY Dan! :D

Mmm, Dan Dan Dan, mmm Dan Martin, Dan Hawkins is OK I guess .... must make hot list.

That's enough - how did I know I'd go off on one about some boy!?

It's usually Pooka (1st) or possibly Justin (2nd), Dan (3rd) maybe, but why Dan Hawkins!?

Erm, goodnight.

- b.k. x

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