September 15th, 2004

The Party Scene


OK, made my hot list, just like what Jenn and I did about three years ago. I felt kinda good making it, managed 10 pretty quickly actually - all of The Darkness made it (well, I added Frankie cuz I felt bad about leaving him out when the others were all in, but meh), the occasional members of Busted and Sum 41, a couple of the lads from Farleigh (was going to add Chris, but he was only fit about two years ago) and the obvious ones, Dan and Pooka.

I MUST develop crushes on as many of these people as possible. I was nearly in crush mode with Justin, but I went off him a bit when I found out he was shagging Sue (The Darkness' manager). I MUST get past the first one, I have to. Otherwise I'll just be chasing him forever and - well, that's not good.

I'm sick of being deranged, I really am. Thing is, will I ever not be?

- b.k. x

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