October 19th, 2004

The Party Scene

the court of darkness towers is here!

King : Morrish
Queen : Kinselle von Schlafeinkaufen (YAY!)
Crown Princes : LOD and PVC
Princesses Royal : MaggiMai and Darkling
Princes : FOD, John and Rollie
Princesses : Yasmin, anya4dan and Jessie woo

Queen Mum : Stacy (mums_the_word)
Court Jesters : Pie and TropicalRay
Forum Cryer : Skabs
Darkness Pussy : Fee
Keeper Of The Corset : Taffy Bird

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- b.k. x

PS. Thanks to all the lovely people who voted for me! :)
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BITCH SLAP!!! [wheezy]

"we all live in morrishiana ...."

.... do we!?

There's been a massive revolt. A fair amount of Darklings, even .... no, ESPECIALLY those who are royalty and courtiers, have decided to start a revolution against King Benjamin Dubya Morrish (so called because he won in the end by, like, one vote) and myself, Queen Kinselle von Schlafeinkaufen (who actually won by quite a few votes, which is probably the reason why they don't want a recount). It's quite silly, really. Darkling's dead - shame, she was lovely, and on our side, as all Scottish people are for some reason. PVC tried his hardest to give her the kiss of life, but it didn't work. :( Aww, so romantic .... you think I like Morrish - PVC likes Darkling more!

So, as it usually is, it's now Morrish and kinsella against the world. They're throwing lots of vegetarian gelatine substitute at each other (all meat-containing products are against the MorrishPlan diet, and are therefore not allowed in Morrishiana), not to mention the fake "Made In Taiwan" One Rings. Ben ate a load of fairy lights (erm, why!?) - we thought he was dead, but he managed to carry on posting, so he obviously isn't. :P The punishment for treason against the king was originally being beheaded, but because some people do need their heads, Ben changed it to spending an hour in the Hasselhoff room, forced to look at pictures of David Hasselhoff naked and holding puppies. A few people out there would rather be beheaded!

It's kinda fun, I guess, but a bit disturbing .... though not as disturbing as PESSARIES!

- b.k. x

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