October 29th, 2004

The Party Scene

things a bit better.

You think I've had mood swings before? No, THIS is mood swings.

Discounting Biscuit (not that I'd ever discount Biscuit, he's way too important to me), I've never been so upset about anyone before. Which is completely silly, because Ben's someone I've never met. And he's done nothing wrong. Neither has Paula, or anyone else involved in the situation, which I really can't be arsed to explain on here. It's nothing big or depressing to anyone apart from me.

"No-one's to blame, here's where it all ends."

My mood has been all over the place today. I've been angry enough to smash things, crying enough tears to overflow the River Frome, finding bliss in ignorance and just plain weird. It's like I just had my first ever Depo Provera, but multiply that by the amount of fuck-up effects in my medication. That's completely buggerated.

"And I feel the pain, cuz I'm without him, I feel the pain."

Cor, it should be illegal to dislike Busted. That and I need to pay for my LJ very, very soon, and my card isn't even working. I'm sure I can borrow my mum's card for $12, however much that is. Meh.

- b.k. x

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A singing Kao


OK, so I doubt it'll happen ....

.... but I can now continue believing in a thing called LURVE!

I am sososososo much happier. :D

Thankyou, Ben. Thankyou sosososo much.

You always will be the only one I'd give up tea for - my perfect cuppa. :)

- b.k. x

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