January 1st, 2005

The Party Scene

happy new year.

So, erm, yeh. Happy new year everyone.

As my dad said earlier - 2004's gone, that's the important thing. It was a shite year for me, and I hope I get a better one this time round. I've been depressed for a while today (who wouldn't be after seeing all those pictures on TV, come on people, dec.org.uk, or if that doesn't work cafod.org.uk, c'mon, donate to the tsunami appeal, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!), partially because of that (I heard that a friend of Cat's almost died in it as well), and a few random thoughts of Biscuit came back somehow too. I don't know why. :\

But most of all, it's been looking back over the year. It had its good moments - Sandy Balls, Busted, The Darkness, Christmas, joining TDR, Cat's party ;) to name about all that I can think of. That's six, and three of them happened in December, two in August, one in September. Considering that I could name loads of good moments in 2003, throughout the year, that's not very good. I wish things didn't suck. Bleddy karma, on my bum.

So, new year's resolution - BE HAPPY. Make things better. Look forward, not back. Being as I'm so nice (I DONATED!), I'll finish this entry with a few wise words for any other sad, lonely or depressed people at this very moment, or those who have had a bad day.

"Cuz all of the stars, are fading away,
Just try not to worry, you'll see them someday.
So take what you need, and be on your way
And stop crying your heart out."

Have a NICE ONE!!! :P

- b.k. x

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The Party Scene


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Apart from that - being happy en't going very well so far.

- b.k. x

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