January 14th, 2005

The Party Scene

on the mend.

Feeling a little better about the whole Ben situation now. I realise now, I can't go mad over it, it's just some online relationship that I wanted (well, a lot more than "wanted" actually, but never mind that) to go further and it didn't, not like I've been kicked out of a 20-year marriage or something. We're still good mates, he still likes me, and hopefully, we're still gonna meet up. Meh - at least I know where I stand, eh?

Didn't have my jab today. I was in a BAD mood yesterday (ended up crying on my mum's shoulder by the end of the night) and as we know, Depo's a mood-enhancer, so not the best thing to have when you're feeling like shit. How could I know I'd be feeling better?


- b.k. x

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