January 31st, 2005

The Party Scene

five lies - answers.

Meh. Bored of this quiz now. Answers ....

1. True - aww, I was so cute!
2. True - why did so many think this was a lie? Maths was my best GCSE, y'know.
3. True - *sigh* some people never grow up, do we?
4. False - most blatant lie I have ever, EVER told.
5. True - can't wait to see Shaun, Sam, Tim and Ben on Thursday! MWA HA HA!
6. True - didn't expect that now did you?
7. False - my favourite TV show is Binka, though I do find myself saying "yeh I know" and "yeh but, no but" quite often.
8. True - what? I had a voucher and I've heard good things about Kasabian.
9. True - don't ask.
10. True - best thing about living there!
11. True - despite the fact that I was told I was too crap at art to do GCSE, I'm apparently very, very good at drawing and my works are now all over the walls.
12. False - that was my second fit. My first was in my bedroom.
14. False - the cat in question is called Katie, and no-one got this right. Well, I s'pose Morrish could be a nice name for a cat.
15. False - I don't.

Hmm. Winner .... difficult. Mathematically speaking, Pooka should be the winner as 2/3 (0.666 to infinity and beyond - way for Buzz Lightyear) is bigger than 3/5 (0.6). It's also easier to say that because three people got 3/5. However, having only answered three, he didn't complete it, so he can't win in that sense. Buggery.

- b.k. x

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The Party Scene

meme (mortuus47)

Sorry, will do proper entry soon!

You must type your answers to the following questions into the Google Image Search and then post one of the pictures that comes up as a result.

1. Your first car?
2. Where you grew up?
3. Where you live now?
4. Your name?
5. Your grandmother's name?
6. Favourite food?
7. Favourite drink?
8. Favourite song?
9. Favourite smell?
10. Favourite pair of shoes?

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- b.k. x

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