January 27th, 2009

Wake up and smell the roses!

It is becoming more and more likely ....

.... that I have not won this competition. The closing date for them to let the winners know, according to the T&C, is tomorrow (well, a bit into the day after, it's American timing). If I'd won, they'd probably have e-mailed me by now.

But there's no mention of any winners on Buzznet, and considering that All Time Low are in the studio, albeit mostly arsing around drinking Red Bull, watching YouTube and throwing stuff at each other (haha, that video of Jack trying to talk to the camera, then Alex walking in, shouting something like he's on helium and throwing flowers at Jack had me laughing for ages) but still in the studio, plus Bearcat has his new clothes line to sort out, they have the right to take their time (the band do have to read the stories, I think).

But they might not announce the winners, they could have already contacted them.

But they've done competitions before and they have ALWAYS announced the winners on Buzznet, and it's not the closing date yet.

But I don't know how to open a bag of grapes. I wanted these grapes, but I can't get to them. HOW DO YOU OPEN A BAG OF GRAPES!? ARG!

But but but but BUT, and this is the big BUT, I HAVE JACK'S MANNEQUIN TICKETS! :D

But I might not be able to go :'( and I doubt that I've won the competition, and I can't open a bag of grapes. Bollocks.
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