January 28th, 2009

ATL having/going bananas.

You got me poppin' bubble wrap.

28th today. Total nervy b. Didn't sleep all last night. Lots of e-mails, plenty of them saying I'd won something but usually a few billion quid from Nigeria or a penis enlargement. Only one from All Time Low, nothing to do with winning any contests, just Jack asking any fans who happen to be in Los Angeles out for the day.

Anyway, apart from that, got my YMAS guitar pick chain in the post today. I was saying to Dad, "I GOT A PRESENT!", like a little kid and shaking the package, opened it, got the tin out - "Wow, eBay really knows what I like!". It's cute, was good value, will look BRILL with my Always Attract hoodie (aka. my official Christmas jumper), plus Joshy likes to paw at it. He knows his namesake, hehe. I still remember when Shaun said he didn't like You Me At Six, and Joshy attacked him. Brillnosity. (:

Oh, and by the way, in case you couldn't sleep for wondering, I DID manage to get into the bag of grapes. They aren't as great as I hoped.
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The Party Scene

Mad J

I talked to Mad James last night. He said, "being as it's coming soon, you are my valentine". Not "will you be", "you are". I have no choice otherwise. Ah well. When he phones me on V-day, I'll tell him about this fantastic bloke (or possibly girl) who is the most wonderful person in the world, oh and we're about to get married, would you be my maid of honour? Hee hee hee. You've got to be cruel to .... him. (:
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