February 3rd, 2009



I used to post "funny at the time" moments on here, so I will now. In a few years I'll look back and laugh at how pathetic I was in 2009. (:

Lucie : Let's build a snowman!
Bikki : We can make him our best friend, we can name him Bob, or we can name him George, we can make him tall, or we can make him not so tall, SNOWMAN!

Lucie : We could go out there, as long as we put on some willies .... no, wellies ....

Mum : Who's that?
Bikki : Gaskararaf.
Mum : Oh. I didn't recognise him with clothes on.

Remind me never to get dressed quickly again. I had a brill "dressing down" outfit picked out, all monochrome with my checkerboard Vans, my newsprint skinnies, my thin layered white shirt with black hearts, my pinstripe Poizen hoodie and my snow leopard heart/key and ATL necklaces. Perfect, or so it seemed ....
After getting all this on and getting in the car, I realised the stupid mistake I'd made. I hadn't had time to look in the mirror, and notice that I was wearing a thin white shirt with a neon pink Wonderbra!

(We went to the vets to get the kittens' cat flu jabs. We're going back in a week to have them neutered.)
Receptionist : See you next Tuesday!
*Dad and I go outside*
Dad : What did she just call me?

Bikki : Roxy's not in heat yet, but Joshy's a bit amorous. She kicks him off, so he practises on James instead.
Dad : Does James mind?
Bikki : He doesn't seem to .... MY CATS ARE GAY! BOTH OF THEM!
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