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the court of darkness towers!

Here we go - the Court of Darkness Towers. I miscounted before, then I got confused, so here's the second and proper count from Countin Kinselle von Schlafeinkaufen!

10 votes - LordOfDarkness
7 votes - Morrish
5 votes - PVC
3 votes - Rollie
2 votes - ForcesOfDarkness, jwn, Pie
1 vote - Dr. Love

8 votes - kinsella
7 votes - MaggiMai
4 votes - Darkling, thedarkone
3 votes - Paula, stuck in a rut
2 votes - dans my man, Dave, Devilvidel, Dicko, Jet, polly_loves_dan, rokkitqueen, Sheri
1 vote - aurorabelle, CoolPrawn, DarkGirl, eLine, emilystrange, Fee, Glass_Onion, Jade, Jus, Katie, kween graham antz, Lou, Morrish, rock chick, stickybun, Willow

4 votes - Morrish
1 vote - jwn, Pie

6 votes - Jessie woo
5 votes - polly_loves_dan
3 votes - littlemisseeevil, TropicalRay
2 votes - aurorabelle, cgfau, KatJo, kinsella, rokkitqueen, thedarkone
1 vote - dans my man, Darkling, Katie, mums_the_word, stickybun, stuck in a rut

Queen Mum
3 votes - mums_the_word

Lord, Duke, Count, etc.
1 vote - dark_void86, LordOfDarkness, Morrish, Pie, PVC, Rollie, Thajan

Lady, Duchess, Countess, etc.
2 votes - rokkitqueen
1 vote - aurorabelle, Black Duck, dans my man, Darkling, Firecracker, kinsella, kween graham antz, Lorelei, thedarkone

Court Jester / Fool
4 votes - Pie
3 votes - TropicalRay

Forum Cryer
3 votes - Skabalicious

Darkness Pussy
1 vote - Fee

Keeper Of The Corset
3 votes - Taffy Bird

Let me know if I got anything wrong - and keep getting your votes in! :) Voting closes at 10pm BST, Monday 18th October 2004. Post on the topic (you know where it is) while you still have a chance!

These are too good for the LJ-cut - the BREASTY-BOOBY-TIT-HOOTER PRIZES!
4th Prize - kinsella
3rd Prize - Darkling
2nd Prize - KatJo
1st Prize - AnnaA89
And a special "Mooby Prize" for Morrish
(I am SO tempted to post the mooby pic, but I won't cuz that would be very, very mean)

Well done to everyone who has won or is likely to win. :D

I'M LEADING IT! WOOHOO! (only problem is, I don't currently want to)

- b.k. x

PS. Special thanks to Katie, Yasmin, PVC, Tori, Anya, John, KatJo, Arruniel, Meg, Sarah and Skabs. :)


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Oct. 14th, 2004 06:50 pm (UTC)
Singles are 7 inches.

And does anyone realise that "Breasty Booby Tit-Hooter" is a Pokémopolis quote?
Oct. 15th, 2004 05:30 am (UTC)
yes ....
I know both of those things full well ....

b.k. x
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