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i'm bored.

I'm bored. I'm gonna sing.

"I've been just waiting
And hesitating
With this heart of mine

You're still a mystery
But there's something so easy
In how you're sweet to me
I feel completed
Like it's something I needed
For this heart of mine

There's always something so tragic
About a hopeless romantic

I'm through with waiting
And hesitating
I want you taking
This heart of mine"

Peter Salett - "Heart Of Mine"

"I'm being punished for all my offences
I wanna touch you but I'm afraid of the consequences
I wanna banish you from whence you came
But you're part of me now
And I've only got myself to blame

You're really growing on me
(or am I growing on you)
You're really growing on me
(or am I growing on you)
Any fool can see

Sleeping in an empty bed
I can't get you off my head
I won't have a life until you're dead
Yeh you heard what I said"

The Darkness - "Growing On Me"

"There are things that I regret
Like being called a nervous wreck
And working up another sweat for you
There's nothing that I can do
For counterparts and bleeding hearts
And all the things that fall apart for you

I don't keep my secrets there
I hide them everywhere

I could deny
But I'll never realise
I'm just chasing rainbows
All the time"

Shed Seven - "Chasing Rainbows"

"Why does it feel the same
To fall in love or break it off
And if young love is just a game
Then I must have missed the kick off
Don't depend on me to ever follow through on anything
But I'd go through hell for you and

I haven't been this scared in a long time
And I'm so unprepared so here's your valentine
Bouquet of clumsy words, a simple melody
This world's an ugly place
But youre so beautiful to me"

Blink 182 - "Going Away To College"

Hmm. All this makes me want to go - back to the Darklings ....

.... either that or for lunch.

- b.k. x


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