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things aren't good.

1. Ben called me a deranged 12-yr-old, and everything he says really, REALLY gets to me. I'm not 12 and I suppose I am deranged in ways and have admitted it, but .... bugger, it got to me. Just like the time he accused me of weighing 47 stone, and the time he blamed me for cows exploding.

2. I had to leave #Knightmare last night cuz of jealousy. I went back after, but still.

3. I think I have the disease that's been going round the skatepark. Not tonsilitis, the other one. Thanks a lot, Dan. Ah well, shouldn't be too hard to get rid of, but fuck me does it hurt!

4. Because of this, I don't want to go to Birmingham today. Although I do want to shop and it will take my mind off things, I don't exactly want to walk around doubled over with nasty pain and have the people of Birmingham laughing at me. I'm not sure whether it's worth going or not.

- b.k. x

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