bikz (bikz) wrote,

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muziana / muzimia / muziema / muziphia

Cool names. Hmm .... which is better?

Anyway. Been with Pooka six months yesterday. Way! :) Fuck you if you thought that this wouldn't last - it's lasting. Forever.

I'M IN LUUUUUURVE!!!!!!!!11111

Also saw a *rather disturbing* show the day before yesterday. "Let The Mountains Lead You To Love" is scary as hell, hell being v. scary.

Can't think of anything else to say, really. Apart from that I just ate half a bag of Dove Truffles (ie. imitation Galaxy Truffles) and I feeling like puking my guts up. :(

m.a. x / m.m. x / m.e. x / m.p. x
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