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in my pants!

Adding "in my pants" to things can turn everyday things hilarious.

Things you say all the time ....
"I need a fag in my pants"
"Make me a cup of tea in my pants"

Things you say when drunk ....
"Do you wanna go to Weymouth in my pants"
"I'll spill it all over your penis in my pants"

Things you've done ....
"I ran around Bristol in my pants" (sadly true!)
"I took a performing arts course in my pants"

MSN names ....
"Dan and porn when mixed can get messy in my pants"
"Ben in my pants" (*thrills and swoon*)

Song lyrics ....
"I'm standing here right outside your door in my pants"
"I was fucking celibate, self-righteous in my pants"

Phrases from adverts ....
"A new rich aroma in my pants" (LOL!)
"Old McDonald had a farm in my pants"

Movie titles ....
"Free Willy in my pants"
"The Ring in my pants"

Album titles ....
"Permission To Land in my pants"
"Getting Away With It Live in my pants"

Song titles (I'm in a Cabaret mood today) ....
"Willkommen in my pants"
"Two Ladies in my pants" (many men will dream)

Book titles ....
"Mad Cows in my pants"
"The Luckiest Girl In The World in my pants"

Names of my userpics ....
"Justin wigglin' in my pants"
"KoRn give head in my pants"

Random words you see next to you ....
"We use a special additive in my pants"
"Superior Dark Soy Sauce in my pants"

.... see? It's brill! (in my pants)

Sorry 'bout that, I was bored.

- b.k. x


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