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fuck fuck fuckedy fuck fuck.

Saw Dr. Buggery today. He annoyed me, as usual. When he was asking me about my mood swings, I was pretty much having one, looking at the floor and squeezing my hands together so that it didn't show. And guess what? The usual drill - UP THE MEDICATION. I'm already on a much higher dose of Lamictal than it's apparently possible for me to take. Lamictal contains lactose and I'm lactose allergic, which means that it's worsening my skin condition, and can also mess up sleeping patterns, causing a mixture of drowsiness when I want to stay awake and insomnia when I want to sleep. Keppra causes seizure increase (so what's the point?), depression, drowsiness, mood swings and can worsen anorexia (luckily I'm recovered at the moment, but there may be some surprises in store being as that's what I'm taking more of). As for Tegretol - as a rule, it is NOT, NOT, NOT meant to be taken with anything else as it lessens the good effects (epilepsy control of Lamictal and Keppra, contraceptive ability of Depo Provera) and makes the bad effects worse of all other medications. Depo Provera - if I hadn't been so damn lucky with it, I'd have shot myself in the foot taking it, but it's the only med I'm taking that seems to have no bad effects whatsoever on me.

Sorry 'bout all the medical crap, but I had to let this all out. I can't decide what's better - to have no fits and be fucked in the head, or to have fits but be able to think for myself?

- b.k. x


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Oct. 26th, 2004 10:45 am (UTC)
I hope those meds work for ya. It's a pain to have to try to get all that under control...one med causes one side effect...another causes a different one. Ugh. Sometimes the cure is worse that what ails you. Chin up, darkling.

All the best, chris (cgfau)
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