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That's "excuse me, gentlemen, may I just move this screen for you" in Italian. One of my lines in the show, the one I will not remember. Backup plan - learn a few Italian swearwords and hope that there's someone Italian in the audience. :)

We were practising our waltzing along (unfortunately it's to the Blue Danube rather than James) and can can stuff today, followed by Act 2 Scene 1 which is a bastardly big scene. At least I get to hit Charlett in the foot with a screen thing. On the night, I'll hit her so hard that I break her bones. I can't wait - stupid bitch deserves it.

Meh. Bored now. Pooka was 18 yesterday, he's all grown up. My little Pooki's now my big boy. Loving him more every day. If you're reading this, which you probably are, I LOVE YOU!

Speaking of birthdays, happy birthday to Shaun who is 17 today (and still looks about 5, hehe). So many people have birthdays around now. Weird.

College (the performing arts bit of it) sucks. Charlett, Carl, Sheena, Jess and Tom (the Tom in my class, not Tom G or Tom C) are all being mongs. None of them can act, and yet they've got the main parts in the play. Charlett's character Madalene is meant to be Austrian, and yet she has a British west country accent. I honestly think she's sleeping with the lecturers to do this well. She stole my idea, damn her. ;)

They're not all bastards though. Hats (not Hatties, hopefully) off to Dwaine/Duane (he's caught Becki-ism!), who is a fellow autistic and the most intelligent person in the class by far, but Dom thinks he's dim because of his dyslexia. Also lurve to the other Becki/Becci who has been lovely to me (especially lovely to Dwaine, nudge nudge wink wink) and Lindsey, Lucy and David who seem to like me too.

Meh. Bored now.

b.k. x

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