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found a new place.

Decided not to go to Rookery House any more. I'm hopefully going to a place called "Bridge House" in Kent, which isn't an AS home - it's a proper mental home, for people with any problems. And being as I have had pretty much every problem under the sun, it's the perfect place for me, is it not?

Don't want to be in Somerset. Not near Farleigh. Not near who I used to know. Want to be far away from my old life. Hence New Zealand, but I'm not ready for that yet. Apart from Morty, Meghan and Ben King, none of whom have much (if anything) to do with my fuckeduposity, I have no connections anywhere near there. I also think that I'd be better off with my fellow mad than with my fellow awkward sod.

If Jim the [censored] social worker will get his [censored] arse in gear, which, knowing him, he won't, I might be there soon. If I get refused, then fuck it, I'm leaving the country.

You'll miss me - not.

- b.k. x


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