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blowing up RPGs?

Alun and Joel were talking about making RPGs explode. Are you reading this, Adam? :P

Anyway, yesterday was SO FUCKING SCARY. Even though I'd much rather have buggered off home, I had to see this show. Pooka saw "Let The Mountains Lead You To Love" with me, which was disturbing, but "The Joy Society" scared me shitless. It started off with a strange bearded bloke talking about how sex before marriage is bad (people who say that are using it as an excuse cuz they're not getting any, ha ha), then his young followers Astra, Fiasco, Gusto and Dildo started being weird. All I remember after that were big red and purple flashing lights, fuckloads of smoke, people throwing around a naked baby doll called Joseph and people dressed up as gigantimous heads with big tongues, licking the front row, glad I wasn't there, ugh ....

As you might guess, I DID have a quasi-seizure during the performance. Deryck, Dom and Louise (the technician) apologised for everything afterwards and said they didn't know that it'd be like that. Thanks, guys, even though I doubt v. much that you're actually reading this. But it's not enough - further action MUST BE TAKEN.

Well, it probably won't, but I can dream can't I?

Seeing Pooka later - he'll make it all better. :)

m.a. x

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