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Thankyous to some of the best Darklings.
Thanks to Arruniel for being my original defence.
Thanks to TropicalRay, wee g and Morrish for being the ones who saved me.
(we all know how the phrase goes - "Morrish saves the day again!")
Thanks to aurorabelle, rokkitqueen and MbM for being lovely in the end.
Thanks to Darkling, Jus and AnnaA89 for being pacifists the whole time.
(MAKE TEA NOT WAR, people!)
Thanks to Chris and Máiréad for the wonderful advice, which will be taken on.
("my own worst enemy" is the perfect description for me!)
Special thanks to Katie and Lisa for being my bestie Darklings ....
.... and, on that list also are my bestie Dan-hunters - you know who you are.
(Yasmin deserves a special mention there - may you have happiness with Dan!)

If I've forgotten anyone, please let me know!

- b.k. x

PS. MbM, if you'd prefer, you can be the only one on my NASTY list! :P

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