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feeling all lurvey for no apparent reason

This must be a dream, it's too good to be true
It just didn't seem like I'd ever be with you
Never thought I'd wake up and see you lying there
Never thought my pillow would be covered with your long black hair
Because when we first talked you seemed like just another fan
I never imagined that you'd be my perfect man
And if death by love was possible
Then believe you me, we wouldn't be around

All my life I've fallen in and out of love all the time
My life has been so messy, it was like a song that didn't rhyme
But then I met you and suddenly everything worked out
Now when I write love songs I have someone to write about
Just think, less than a month ago all I knew was your screen name
And now I know you so well that it's almost insane
And if death by love was possible
Then we'd be lying 47 feet underground

When you kiss me, I know I'm gonna die
A death by love

- by me, 29th September 2002 (I just dug up my old notebook, dunno why).

I'm sad. :P

m.a. x

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