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i be updating, i be.

It's shocking, I know, but I'm going to church on Sunday with ....


She is the last person whom you'd expect to be going to church, especially a Catholic one, especially one which is mostly filled with old people and young children. No offence, but this is the truth - she is a total SLUT. I mean, you think I'm bad shagging a 15-yr-old when I'm 19, she shagged a 21-yr-old when she was 13, for fuck's sake. It's just not likely.

Apart from that, talked to Yasmin last night, helping her choose a British university. I picked a place in NZ quickly cuz I know exactly what town I want to be in (Christchurch, Canterbury, South Island - crackin' place), but it'd be harder for her as she doesn't know where. As she's probably my best Darkling friend, I'm trying to be as helpful as I can. She says I'm welcome to go to Brazil any time I want. It'd be a nice place to go (well, it might be, I don't really know much about it), but a long way away! :)

Mmm, advent - lovely time. Had my chocolate just after midnight last night. ;)

- b.k. x


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